Are You Marketing or Chasing?

Take a moment a write down ten points about your company, the customer service you provide, your values and your product or service. Now, look at your most recent advertisements. Do they match up?

For most companies there will be a shift in marketing efforts based on what the competition is doing. Knowing your competition, the market and combating them are essential to marketing, however, some companies get lost in the game and lose sight of the main goal.

Keeping up with trends in the market is absolutely necessary to stay in business, but marketers must find their niche and keep their target audience in mind. So your competitor just launched a massive Twitter campaign, that’s great. If your marketing team doesn’t have a strategy for Twitter or a targeted message for that audience, your company shouldn’t launch the twitter campaign.

Seems logical so why do we have so many inactive social media accounts and zero ROI ads? As marketers it is our job to follow trends but only to the extent that it reaches, educates and motivates people to find out more about our respective companies or products.

Grab your most recent ads and grab a competitor or two’s ads and see if they portray the differences in the companies. No, probably not. It’s the same “we are better” approach that results in lower ROI and doesn’t communicate anything real about your company.

Yeah, yeah, we know your company is the best because you have platinum thing-a-ma-doodles and videos that flash on your website. Welcome to marketing…every company you will ever work at will be the best. Truth is we aren’t and it’s all perspective anyway so reset your focus.

To refocus remove “We are the better company because” and see if you have a valid point. If so great, build on the valid point and tell your audience what makes you stand out. Don’t tell your audience you are better, Prove it!

What do I mean when I say build on your branding points? If everyone is screaming quality how do you prove it? Simple answer, time consuming process, content. There isn’t a one step process to changing your audience’s perception, it takes time, dedication and a solid strategy.

Tips for content creation strategy:

  • Know your target audience and how to reach that audience.
  • Stay focused on your brand.
  • Educate your audience on your brand, your company, your processes and the market.
  • Be an expert, research your industry and share your research.
  • Keep your values and mission in sight at all times.

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