SEO Metrics You Shouldn’t Ignore

SEO is all about being recognized via organic searches so why are organic metrics left out of most ranking reports? If you are focused on ranking reports you may not be seeing the metrics that show the real value of SEO strategy. Organic Traffic Organic traffic shows results of those that clicked on your listing because your business showed up as relevant to their search criteria. This shows the real power of your SEO keywords and strategy. Be cautious when looking at the report because the small search engine sites don’t always pull on this analysis report. Organic Conversions If you want to know the true ROI of your SEO strategy investment this is your go to metric. Monitor your metrics and set goals within your analytics and within a few clicks you can see your ROI. Organic Landing Pages You’ve spent time (dollars) on optimizing pages for keywords and you should know what landing pages are seeing results. Organic landing pages will show which pages are getting the most organic traffic. Google My Business GMB will show you a trend graph of people that have searched for your business. GBM allows businesses to sign up and universally update business information for SEO. Keep in mind that not everyone that searches for your business goes to your website, they may call or drive over.

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