The End of Being Better

You hear it in advertising everyday, “the better choice,” “the best quality,” “the best product.” The point is, no one cares what the “best” product is because it’s all a point of perception.

I think the best, quick snack chips are spicy nacho Doritos, does this mean it’s the best quality chip on the planet? No, it means I like it, it tastes delicious to me and I want to buy it. My point is, even if you tell me your spicy nacho chip is the “best” I’m not going to switch. Show me taste tests, I don’t care. My perception is that spicy nacho Doritos are the best because I believe they taste the best.

How does perception of my taste in chips relate to your marketing efforts? The customer’s perception is everything. The best, better, quality product or service is all in the mind of the end buyer. Good luck telling me something that I love isn’t the best. I’m not going to care because I like it.

The trick becomes making the customer like your brand so that they then try your product. If your marketing approach is centered around telling people you are the best, you need to pay attention. Refocus your strategy and what the customer likes and how to appeal to the customer instead of pushing your product.

Most marketing experts will tell you that if you aren’t first in the customers mind as being the “best” you never will be. Refocus on being the first at something vs. being the best at something.

The first to hit the market doesn’t mean that the first wins. The first to get Into the customer’s mind as the best wins. Be creative, create your own “first” category. You’re a marketer, create the perception.

Perception is everything. It’s not your job to show a million numbers proving you are the best. It is your job to appeal to the customer to create the perception that you are better.

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