Why Your Marketing Could Be Failing

Many companies hire the smartest, youngest, tech savvy marketers that are more than willing to make bold moves to move up the corporate ladder.

The same mindset is seen in businesses all around the world in every industry, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to rebrand every five years, get all the newest gadgets and software systems that promise more of everything to make you grow.

Though truth is that most of these “new” ideas aren’t so new, it’s the gadgets that take the idea places are what is hitting the markets hard. What businesses need to realize is that gadgets have a very limited lifespan and a new gadget means new software and training.

Why, as savvy business people, are we so quick to say “scratch it all and go with something different?” When you built your business did you scratch your original idea? No, you made it better.

If you marketing isn’t working find out why it isn’t working through surveys and adding small doses of new ideas to see what sticks. The age of high priced ads are disappearing because the ROI is so low that they can’t be justified. Stop Interruption Marketing!

Bring the customer to you by becoming the expert instead of the annoyance through content. Content is the new word for writing ads that educate and promote involvement the prospective buyer or client.

Content Does:

Tell a story

Tell interesting facts, circumstances and results

Gives real time industry information

Involve the end user (customer, client, prospect)

Content Does Not:

Go on and on about your product

Hide Promos within text (we all skim for those gimmick words)

Mean you blog a couple of times and call it content marketing

Social Media is only a small part of the inbound train of marketing

Money no longer buys you customers in the digital age and all digital promotions won’t hit your target. Marketing wins and looses but you learn, you research, and you try again.

In marketing you can’t be afraid of failure. A good marketer researches and uses both traditional and new marketing to create a strategic plan based on your business goals not personal goals.

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