Content and Social Media Marketing

Content marketing is quickly replacing traditional advertising to gain followers and clients. Content marketing success depends heavily on your distribution channels and social media marketing plays a large role in the distribution. The difficulty is finding the magic mix of social media to match within your marketing strategy.

Social media allows you to grow your networks and increase the distribution of your content. Social media allows you to test campaigns and messages before dumping large investments into them. Social Media also plays a large role in helping you reach out, familiarize and appeal to the emotions of your market.

Content marketing is a science and it requires testing, patience, dedication and will experience highs and lows. If your social media isn’t up to par then your content marketing strategy isn’t going to be successful.

Here are some Social Media tips for Content Marketing success;

Schedule your Social Media Posts for Maximum Viewing

Learning the optimal posting times is absolutely essential for content distribution. Depending on your market, your optimal posting times may differ from “busy” social network times. Do your research and test on each social media channel for the most interactions. Once you determine your optimal posting times try using an automated scheduler to create consistency. Don’t get discouraged, finding your social media niche is a lot of trial and error.

Social Network A/B Testing

You must take the time to get in tune to your audience. The best way to find our what resonates is to perform A/B testing on each of your social media channels. Test different content forms, distribution channels and optimal time periods. You should test a variety of social media content across many channels to learn how to connect with your audience.

Personalize Your Posts on Each Network

Your social network platforms each have unique qualities and audiences. Not taking into account the audience each platform reaches will lead to social media marketing failure, slow to no growth trends, low content success and could even cost you business. Taking the time to personalize posts, will set you up for the chance to connect with the audience and encourage sharing. Learn each channel’s algorithms to help gain traction.

Content Repurposing

Remember each social network has a diverse audience and your content must match the audience style. If you have a great post, repurpose it by creating infographics, videos and other medias to match the audience and expand your viewership. Content repurposing is great to fill in the gaps of your editorial calendar.

Be Interactive and Measure Content

Social media platforms are a great source for getting content ideas and measuring content success. Your followers will love giving their opinions and when they do, be sure to interact and use the suggestions. The best way to alienate your viewers and leave a negative impression is to ask someone for input and ignore suggestions or not interact. If you are going to ask for interaction keep your end of the deal and follow through on the task.

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