Driving Traffic

A new website for your business is potential business for your company. Your website sets the tone for your business and creates a perception in the customer’s mind. Creating a marketing plan to create awareness and drive traffic to your website is just as important as designing and building the site. A properly designed and user friendly site cannot be the revenue and lead generator you need it to be if not properly marketed. It will take a lot of time and effort to market your new site so start planning early and follow these tips listed below.

Tell everyone. A new website is a serious investment and a lot of time, effort, planning, writing and rewriting. Internally, it is a big deal when the new site launches not only is it a huge project completed but also can serve as a selling tool, lead generator and communication tool. If you launch a website you should celebrate the launch not only internally but invite the public to celebrate with you and drive traffic to the site. Communicating to your customers and target markets that you have a new site shows that you have invested in your company and provide new information, especially if a total overhaul was done on the site.

Content creation. Every company should be releasing at the very minimum a newsletter that contains information to educate and inform your customers of new services, products and company happenings. A blog is a great way to start forming a content plan by releasing different forms of content and measuring the success. Content will not only educate and attract your customers and target customer but will also help market your site. Add hyperlinks within your content that directs to other pages within your site to create a deeper behavioral flow.

Be Social. Every business should also be active on social media outlets. Getting to know your audience will allow you to chose the best social media platforms to get your message out effectively. Be interactive, ask questions, respond and acknowledge complaints if you get them on social media, never delete negative feedback. Don’t be afraid to share some secrets to your success in posts and direct back to your website. Your customers and prospective customers want to know how you are different and why they should do business with you, tell them. Will your competition see this? Probably. Too often businesses think too much about what their competitors will see on their website instead of focusing on giving the customer and potential customer the information they need.

Put your URL everywhere. When I say put your website address on everything, I mean everything. There shouldn’t be a single printed document, email, newsletter, marketing material, promotional product, advertisement or voicemail that doesn’t promote your web address. People are more likely to check out your website to learn more about your company than to call the number listed.

Don’t forget a sitemap. You need to tell Google about your site even if it’s indexed. Your website should have a site map to tell Google what is important and allow your pages to be discovered.

Realize the job is never done. Keeping your code and plug-ins up to date, updating content, adding new features, switching out older photos and videos, adding keywords, updating titles and met descriptions and checking your analytics are on going tasks to keep your site friendly and useful.

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