Being Interesting

We get, we told you that you need a blog and social media for your business. Unfortunately, people listened but didn’t do homework to create worthy posts. There are many reasons your blog and/or social media could be failing; failing to update and add stay active, overloaded with reblogs and weird pictures of kittens or things that obviously, not only don’t pertain to your business, but don’t match your geographical area or audience and the most common mistake is not creating content interesting to your target audience.

Kittens are cute; we get it but unless you sell or save kittens please spare us. Your business does remodels so your posts show flood pictures from coastal regions when your business is hundreds of miles from the beach…what?

It’s important to stay active but if your posts aren’t interesting or pertinent then you begin training your audience to ignore you. It’s better to wait to post something interesting and relative to your business or service than to post random information and pictures. This tactic to fill your timeline or blog is not only annoying but can do more damage to your marketing strategy than good.

No one likes to read press release after press release or “articles” with obvious sales pitches. Start being creative, research how to create useful, inspiring content. Also, be honest and transparent.

Corbett Barr is a blogger that wrote “Write Epic Shit” view it here; Read this and ask yourself, am I interesting?

You probably aren’t so here are some tips:

Be Transparent: Life is messy, business is messy so just admit when you screw up and maybe even write about it. Admit your business made a mistake…crazy I know. Messy people are more interesting than put together ones and it’s always better to do business with a company that holds themselves accountable for mistakes. Plus, when a company or person royally screws up and can bounce back and create a successful business they can probably drudge through your stuff too.

Stop thinking so much. Seriously, it took you 8 hours to write your blog post? If you had to research and rethink the post that much it’s probably boring. Don’t do this, if someone wants an academic research article they probably won’t be reading blogs. Do take a little time when you’re mad…let’s leave the dirty laundry rants to your ex on Facebook.

Mix it up. Use a mix of informational forms like photos, videos, short form, long form, lists (long ones). Make sure you when you read or view the content that you are actually taking away information. We digress back to the sad kitten picture example.

Don’t be afraid to step on toes. If you want to stand out you can’t be afraid to provide your (educated) opinion. It isn’t always fun to be blatantly honest and bold but people like reality, just look at the success of the Kardashians. (See I probably stepped on toes with that line.) Obviously, there are rules on being honest and opinionated because you are a business who relies on people to spend money with you. It probably wouldn’t be wise to start a religious or political debate unless you are a minister, religious organization or a politician, lobbyist or analyst. You also need to be educated before you hit publish, this one you need to think about how to defend your case.

Be Original. This goes back to the whole “reblogging, retweeting” tactic. It’s great to share or refer to something inspiring but you don’t need to fill your timelines and blog site with other people’s work. Who are you? Start by asking yourself what you or your business does really, really good and go from there. You don’t have to write a novel to teach your audience something. Bill Clinton forced the world to define “is” in a simple statement.

The point is, your audience visits your blog and social media sites to find out about YOU not other people.

So enough of the crap…start writing! Also, as a disclaimer, I have moments of being interesting which usually only come on a whim, more than likely you are going to have some incredibly uninteresting days.

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