What You Should know About Social Media Automation

“It does it for you. What?!”

That’s right, kind of. Social media automation tools allow you to insert content and schedule posts through the whole year, depending on the platform.

Social media automation also provides awesome tools to track engagement, pinpoint the best times to post, allows you to stay consistent, be efficient and effective, and allows you to fill your content calendar to insure you don’t have gaps. Social media doesn’t sleep, doesn’t eat (you may see pictures of food, please refrain from posting everything you eat) doesn’t go on vacation, fall asleep and get a sunburn. Social media automation allows you have a presence while away from the office.

“That’s amazing!”

Before you jump on the automation train there are some things you should consider. That consistent presence we mentioned, you actually have to insert and drop all of that content into that scheduler, and there isn’t a solid shortcut for this.

  • You actually have to read the “suggested posts” before posting.
  • You can’t just drop in generalized content and expect results.
  • You actually have to track results daily, at least weekly to keep your audience.
  • You actually have to create posts for each social media channel individually.

Breaking any one of these rules sets you up for the wrath of social media. The whole point of social media is to be social, boost engagement, be active in conversations, respond, post and react in real time. If your posts aren’t relevant, you aren’t relevant. If you generalize, you are boring. If you don’t respond, repost, retweet, share, you aren’t engaged. If you don’t monitor and analyze insights and make adjustments you grow stagnant.

“So much work!”

Yes, social media, like all content marketing is a commitment. Social media automation allows you to focus on other aspects but you must keep a good balance of real vs. automated. Stuffing your scheduler to the gills makes you feel like a guilty, dirty spammer when you post in real time. If you don’t post in real time you miss opportunities, fail on timing and appear robotic. If you post the same message to all channels you fail to frame and position your content to each audience.

“I don’t have time for this, I’m going to hire an agency.”

When you hire an agency to be your social media marketing provider you need to set very clear expectations. Generalized posts are a no go, set it and forget it is a “thanks for playing but see you later,” not meeting regularly or providing in-house content is a huge no-no. Every agency you speak will say they create original content, mix human and automated touches, converse in real time and all the things to make you say “yes!” Truth, maybe they do, maybe they don’t…research it. Ask for current accounts (large and small) and look at posting history.

  • Do the posts seem real time?
  • Are the posts personalized or general statements?
  • Do you get a feel of the individual personalities of each business?
  • Are there conversations going on or retweets, shares, comments?
  • Are the posts across the platforms different?
  • These questions will provide the most honest “truth.”

Overwhelmed? Scared of the automated beast? Don’t be. Social media automation can be a great tool to take your social media strategy to the next level when utilized correctly. You know the old phrase “too much of anything is bad” this applies to social media automation, it’s a wonderful tool that can help boost your engagement and appeal when used in moderation.
To find out more about social media marketing strategies contact us.

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