One Size Fits All Doesn’t Apply to Social Media

Social media is like a ridiculous superpower that can take you straight to the top or bury you in the ground, quickly. Just because social media is free doesn’t mean it’s a free for all. Just because everyone else is using social media, doesn’t mean you should just jump on board and create accounts on every channel or sign an agreement for services before you know what you need. Here are some tips for getting the most bang with social media.


According to Statista, Facebook had 1.44 billion monthly active users as of the end of the first quarter of 2015. Facebook is the largest social media platform and dominates social presence in most studies. Expanded Ramblings estimates that the average adult spends 21 minutes on Facebook per day. Your business needs Facebook but your message must be very tailored to your audience to keep steady traffic.

What do people like on Facebook?

Facebook is the social media channel that best to shows the personality of your business or organization and allows for geographic messaging. Facebook is most effective when used to build a presence and following in your geographical area. After tons of analytical testing and research we have been able to gather the most effective methods for Facebook.

Character Limit- 63,206

Tested Optimal Character Limit- 40, yes, short and sweet wins Facebook likes.

Facebook messaging, as with all posting on social media, needs to have specifically molded content to appeal to your audience. Though we’ve seen the best luck with short posts, doesn’t mean you can throw out broad posts. Short, specific posts that show your business persona tend to encourage the most interactive experience.


According to Statista, there are 30 Million active twitter accounts. Twitter has grown tremendously large in part because of content curation. #hello #hashtag. Twitter allows you to reach a worldwide audience, in turn, gives you the best chance of going viral. If you are a local business with one location and a very limited amount of time Twitter isn’t the best channel for you unless you publish content. If you are looking to distribute your content and appeal to a massive audience at one time, Twitter will be a great friend.

Character limit- 140

Optimal Characters- 70-100 to allow for personalized retweets

Twitter is a great way to stay up to date to your industry in real time and connect with like minded people all across the globe. Keep in mind the average lifespan of a tweet is very short so you must post around 8-10 times a day. If you can’t capture Retweets or favorites within the first hour it probably won’t ever happen with that tweet. Don’t throw it out just yet, try posting it again but at a different time. Twitter is all about timing and your #hashtag. Content curation can be credited for Twitter taking over the top social media sales tool in 2014 and showing the same trend for data for 2015.


If you are reading this on LinkedIn, congrats you are a real professional. LinkedIn is a great way to network and build your contact list, but it has lost a little of it’s luster as content curation channels are popping up. LinkedIn is a great way to publish ideas and get feedback on a professional platform. Conversations and research is much deeper on LinkedIn than on many platforms because the nature of the channel being a site for “professionals.”

Character Limit- 700

Optimal Characters- 25 words

The lifespan of posts is much longer on LinkedIn because most active users are growing their network, not necessarily posting. When you post on LinkedIn please don’t post anything you wouldn’t say (or get away with saying) in a face to face professional environment.


More than likely some of you will skim over Google + because you don’t use it or see the major benefit of the channel. Many researchers and social media experts argue the numbers of Google + because many users aren’t actively posting. Google + accounts are created only for other Google services. Here’s the thing…Google + is important. Hangouts allow your business or organization to have deep conversation on topics and show your personal side. Google + acts as an umbrella for other Integrations with Gmail, Youtube, Web Master tools, Analytics and so on. The biggest pro for Google +, is hands down it’s SEO boosting power and the ability to directly affect your website’s rankings in google.

Character Limit- 100,000

Optimal Characters- 60

Share your content, create hangouts directly related to your services and you will get a nice little nudge in your rankings.


Let’s face it, we are picture book people. People go crazy with pinterest and it hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down. Many people ponder on what to pin, repin or what boards to create. This is probably the only social media outlet you can completely get away with sharing items that aren’t directly about what you offer or do. You can tie in boards with almost anything you do to help broaden your reach and provide supplemental information. If you are a realtor you should have boards for decorating, moving, cleaning, budgets, the list goes on and on but each one of those boards relates directly back to your services and leads the customer back to your business.

Character limit- 500

Optimal Characters for Descriptions- 200

Optimal image size- 735×1102


We stay on the picture book topic with Instagram. Instagram is a very simple way to look human and show your persona. There are literally no limitations to what people share on Instagram (there is, but stay out of the gutter on this.) Instagram is great for expressing yourself and organization through images and tagging for content curation. Be warned that the optimal tag is eight characters long so don’t expect someone to find your image when you tag #thisisthelongesthashtageverbecauseIdowhatIwant.


How many of you have watched a YouTube video in the last week? Do you go to YouTube to learn something? Forget owner manuals, I’ve got YouTube. Professional classes, tutors, coaches…nope, I’ve got free YouTube. How-to videos rank highest for best business approach for YouTube. Most of you have YouTube bookmarked for hi-larious video content.

Keep in mind once you put something on YouTube, it’s never going away.

Blog posts are sometimes lumped into “social media” but I refuse to include them in this list because blogging is remarkably harder to carry out and gain steam successfully than the above channels.

In Summary

Please don’t lump all of these platforms into a single strategy as “social media” and expect success. Each platform has a unique quality and has the ability to reach thousands of people. If I toggle between your social media platforms and see the same post nearly word for word, it makes me very sad…please stop this practice immediately. Know your platforms, set goals for each platform, designate your target audiences, test, retest and test again.

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