Why You Should Be Blogging

Why You Should be Blogging was written by Idea Creative Marketing contributing authors.

We’ve all heard that the pen is mightier than the sword and the same can be said about blogging. A decade ago, the practice was new and not understood. Today, nearly 80% of Internet users say they read blogs, which is about 25 BILLION pages viewed each month.

When we tell our clients to start a blog, we still get that puzzled look. Blogging is one of the most important things you can do to promote your business, cause or organization. According to an article published by Search Engine Journal, 24 Eye popping SEO Stats, “81% of businesses consider their blogs to be an important asset to their business.”

In the past, blogs were primarily used to share personal stories and politics with a diary type dialogue. In today’s blog-o-sphere, you can find just about anything on any subject in a blog. More customers are hanging up on the idea of calling businesses when they have a question or a concern. Texting, emailing and messaging via social media have replaced the traditional phone call.

It’s critical that business owners have updated and easy-to-understand information that’s easy to find at all times and a blog is a perfect place to store that information. The Pew Research Center, Search Engine Study, reported “86% of consumers stated that using a search engine allowed them to learn something new or important that helping him/her increase their knowledge.”

Most people view blogs in a positive light. Readers tend to believe what they see online and more than three-quarters of them follow the advice they’ve read in a blog. Concise yet informative posts are better received than long magazine articles or picking up a book.

Spice up your posts with pictures that apply to what you’re talking about. If you don’t have a photo that fits the bill and you’re worried about copyright infringements, there are sites that sell stock photos for a nominal fee.

We’re seeing more companies also turning to video. Smartphones make it possible to capture just about everything these days, and most platforms offer video embedding services. It’s a way to show there’s a human behind all that text.

The only real cost of blogging to you is your time. Platforms like WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr are free to use. It just takes some time and effort to get the site launched. If you or someone on your staff can write well, there should be no out of pocket expense. There are also ways now to monetize blogs and increase revenue with various platforms.

More businesses have started the practice of blogging and are finding it as a way to boost sales. There are several reasons why it’s a good idea to market your company (no matter the size) this way. According to Hubspot Marketing Statistics, “40% of U.S. companies use a blog for business purposes.”

Though we are certain we’ve have convinced you to start blogging, we’ve compiled a list of the top reasons to blog just in case.

Build Your Resume

That’s right; employers want to see that you can create a positive influence. A blog is a great way to prove that you can gain social influence and research, comprehend and communicate information effectively.

Drive Traffic

Your website is great for online presence but search engines like content to be updated regularly. You could invest in updating your website at least once a week but your audience doesn’t expect frequent updates on our website so they don’t look. Your audience will look at your blog regularly or even sign up to receive your blog automatically. According to Social Marketing Writing, “businesses that have a blog see a 53% increase in website traffic.”

New Product Development

Writing a blog about a new product or service that you may start offering is a great way to get feedback. Getting that valuable, outside feedback can help you further develop your idea.

Learn About Your Audience

You can learn a lot about your audience by reading comments, tweets, and posts on similar blogs and social media. Social Listening can help find the type of posts to write and what your audience wants. A/B testing anyone?

Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Field

Your website establishes your online presence but in all reality, most website content is developed by trained marketing professionals that aren’t part of your company. A blog offers real insight into your business or organization. Publishing often allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and build trust with your audience. Once you gain followers, you gain influence and create the perception of being an expert.

Improve Your Rankings on Search Engines

Back to the website content writing point, blogging is more genuine than a website. Search engines look to deliver the most useful and helpful results to search inquires. Every blog is a new page that search engines index. According to a study fromSearch Engine Journal, “Companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages. And companies with more indexed pages get far more leads.”

Stay In the Loop and on top of Industry News

The thing with a blog is that you have to know what people in your industry are talking about to have something to write about. In finding something to write about, you learn about topics that are being discussed in your industry.

Sell a Product

Obviously, the point of your blog as a business is to gain business. By providing suggestive marketing tactics and providing useful knowledge, you can sell your products.

Build Trust Online

The Internet gets a bad rap because anyone can become anything they want behind a screen. Then you have viruses, spam, pop up ads… Online trust is very rare. Trust can be earned by providing valuable information and a commitment to your followers with your blog.

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