Getting the Most Out of Twitter

​If you’re not using Twitter to promote your business or brand, you’re missing out.  Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media platforms.  The company reportedly has 320 million monthly active users.  There are also one billion unique visits every month to sites with embedded Tweets.  It’s time to be a part of it all.

Once you’ve signed up, complete the biography and include a photo in the profile.  When writing your bio, make sure to use # for what you will be tweeting about or your business services. Example: Tweeting about #inboundmarketing and providing #marketingtips. If you are using Twitter as a promotional tool, use your logo for your profile picture…The default photo of an egg doesn’t build trust or entice people to follow you. Be sure to customize your header image. For perfect social media image sizing use an app like

Follow people and businesses you find interesting.  Also follow those who you’d like to have as customers.  Don’t forget to find people in your community as well.  Twitter will suggest others to follow based on your habits. Look around and find industry influencers to follow. Twitter etiquette is to follow back those that follow you, but don’t make it mandatory. Follow those that publish and share quality content and information relevant to you. Give shoutouts, reply and jump into the conversation using twitter handles.

Use the hashtag!  It’s not a tic tac toe board or pound sign anymore.  It’s called a hashtag and knowing how it works can be extremely beneficial. Check out Power of the Hashtag for tips.  The hashtag allows other users to find your tweet.  But use them wisely.  Some studies suggest no more than two per tweet, and don’t spam users with hashtags. Use Twitter’s Discover tool to find what’s trending and what others are discussing on relevant topics.

One of the biggest mistake people make on Twitter is not using relevant hashtags. You may want to create your own personal hashtag to archive your tweets but use hashtags that are trending when posting so that your content gets seen. For instance, our brand hashtag is #ideacreative, makes since right? The problem is that people don’t look for marketing tips using #ideacreative, they use #marketingtips. If you are only sharing content under your brand hashtag, chances are, you will remain invisible.

Be active and present. Publishing your own original content is essential but so is sharing…sharing is the whole reason we join social media networks. Retweet and like other tweets.  When you retweet, make sure to “Quote Retweet” and tell your followers why you are sharing that specific post (remember your hashtags.)

If you’re trying to build a reputation for your business, be mindful of what you’re sending to your followers via a retweet.  Don’t let your personal opinions or views represent your company on hot button issues. Be sure you read more than the titles of the information you are retweeting.

Tweet questions or a call-to-action when you post.  People are more likely to respond when they’re asked something.  There’s an option to create polls too. If you are targeting a specific demographic check out trending hashtags and use Twitter handles to start a conversation.

It’s okay to ask for retweets. When you retweet something you’ve seen in your own post make sure you give credit by starting your tweet with RT. Keep your tweets short.  Twitter has a 140-character limit, but experts recommend 100 or less for the best results.  If you’re sharing a link, shorten the URL.  There are several free services to make this happen, including, bitly or

Know the best times to send out tweets.  Twitter now has a tool on your homepage that shows hour-by-hour analytics of when people are looking at and responding to your tweets.   You can also create an account on Hootsuite, Buffer or other automated services platforms to help manage and schedule when your tweets are sent.

For more Twitter tips, check out Get Your Tweet on: Marketing Tips for Twitter

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