Using IG Like An OG: Instagram Tips for Marketing

Instagram is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing social media sites.  More than 400 million people use IG each month. Forty-billion+ photos have been shared. So why incorporate Instagram into your marketing plan?
1.  Instagram helps businesses connect with customers.  Forrester Research found IG generates 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.  This will lead to conversations with customers and help establish relationships.  Offer sneak peek photos of new products exclusively on the photo-sharing app.

2.  Because followers like and comment on photos, Instagram can be an easy way to measure what your customers enjoy.   Shared photos can lead to more traffic not just to your site but also your business.  Restaurants have found great success as more people are snapping a shot of their meal and sharing it on social media.

3.  Hashtags can reach even more people outside your scope of followers.  Research some trending tags before posting.  But don’t be misleading with posts and don’t overuse hashtags.  Years later people can still stumble upon a photo based on the hashtag used when it’s shared.

4.  Sharing beyond Instagram is possible too.  There are settings on the app that allow you to publish the same photo to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, among other sites.  Even if someone isn’t keeping up with IG, you can reach him or her other ways.

5.  $ales can be made on Instagram with the professional looking photos. According to the site Shopify, the average sale referred from Instagram is $65. That’s ten bucks more than Facebook and nearly $20 more than Twitter.

6.  Instagram is free advertising.  Just like other forms of social media, IG posts can reach hundreds, thousands and even millions of people without costing you a dime.

7.  Use pictures you receive to host a contest.  Ask customers to share photos of them while enjoying your product.  Come up with a creative hastag to promote the competition and come up with a fun prize for those who participate.

8.  Make followers the star. From that same contest you can showcase the people following you.  For example Sharpie has more than 126,000 followers.  Many of their posts are doodles from their followers using a Sharpie marker.

9.  Don’t forget the video feature!  Pictures are great, but the video feature allows you to create a 15 second commercial for your product.  A TV spot that length can cost thousands of dollars. Think fast though, 15 seconds goes by quick!

10.  Networking is a must.  Don’t just expect people to follow you without showing some love in return.  You don’t have to follow everyone who follows you, but commenting on or liking a post made by a follower shows you’re not just a robot account.  Engagement like that can go a long way.

How do you use Instagram in your marketing efforts?

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