Outbound Marketing: Should We Count It Out?

Let us preface with the fact that we are, indeed an inbound marketing company, but we believe in using a holistic approach to marketing. Outbound marketing, like television commercials, radio ads and website banners, has lost its luster through the years.  Many companies are going with an inbound approach to drum up new business.  But don’t throw out the outbound technique with your latest phonebook.
Many people today are on the go and simply don’t have the time to or won’t sit around and watch commercials for example.  Technology like DVR allows us to zip through those paid spots without being bothered.  Satellite radio is an ad-free zone and “do not call” lists keep telemarketers from interrupting us.

But there is still a generation of folks who rely on the TV or radio for their information.  Not everyone is connected with a Smart phone or tablet.  Some don’t have access to the technology.  Others may not even understand how it works, while others are simply too busy to do their own research on product information.

Depending on where you live, outbound marketing is a relatively inexpensive way for businesses to get their message to the masses.  In smaller television and radio markets, ad rates are very affordable and typically clients get the most bangs for their buck.

There’s an added bonus now that social media is so prevalent.  If your ad is creative and well produced it can go viral and reach millions of people in a matter of days. Upload the commercial to free sites like YouTube or Vimeo and then share that link online at no extra costs.  It’s an approach more companies are following.

Think outside the box with the message.  If you’re making calls, research your audience and customize the message.  Hand written letters can be impressive as opposed to a generic “one-size-fits-all” mass mailing. This may be a more consuming effort, but it can lead to big returns.

Offer incentives in that message. Direct potential customers to your social media site, blog or website where they can enter and win a prize.  Know your audience and make the prize something they’d value.  Also reward those who have been loyal to you.  Word of mouth still goes a long way today.

Even though inbound techniques are growing in popularity, some outbound methods still have value and importance.  It’s how you put those messages together in this new age that will determine the success.

What are your thoughts on Outbound Marketing?

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