Using Hashtags on Facebook

Once known as the pound sign and the tic tac toe board, # is now known to this generation as the hashtag.  Its benefits in social media are immeasurable, especially on sites like Twitter and Instagram.  Over the last couple of years, Facebook has tried to take advantage of the trend.

​The point of a hashtag is to allow people on Facebook to filter and find more details on a specific topic.  There is still debate among some social media experts if hashtags have value on Facebook.  But all agree there’s no harm in using a hashtag, if it’s done properly.

Experts say too many hashtags on Facebook lowers engagement.  A recent breakdown found posts with one or two hashtags averaged 593 interactions.  The numbers dropped as hashtags increased.  Posts with ten or more hashtags averaged just 188 interactions.

Don’t put a hashtag in the middle of a sentence.  Write your whole post and then include the hashtags at the end.  That’s because putting a #hashtag here can be #annoying to some followers.  For example: “Learn more about Facebook hashtags on my site.” #hashtag #Facebook

If you’re not sure which words to use with a hashtag, check out  Consider a hashtag that is specific to your brand.  Use it across the board on Instagram and Twitter posts too.  This will encourage followers on all forms of social media to stay engaged.  Plus it makes things easier on you when posting.  Remember though posts on Twitter are read differently than Facebook.

You can also piggyback off other popular hashtags, but don’t be misleading with it.  If your post has nothing to do with a trending hashtag and you use it, you could end up alienating followers.  If you can relate your product to something popular, go for it.  To figure out if your hashtag is working, look for it on Facebook.  Go to the search bar to find all posts associated with the word.

Here are a few more things to know about using hashtags on Facebook: Even if the post has a hashtag, people won’t be able to find it if your privacy settings are in place.  In some cases your friends or followers won’t even be able to share the post.  Make your business page public to avoid any privacy concerns.

Hashtags have to be all one word.  Also, don’t include punctuation marks anywhere in the post and don’t start off a hashtag with a number. It won’t work.  Capitalization doesn’t matter.  Be unique, but not so much so that people won’t understand what the hashtag is supposed to be.

Do you use Hashtags on Facebook?

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