Analytics Matter: Why Social Media Analytics are Vital

Today, We would like believe that most people have realized the power of social media and social presence. With that being said, social media analytics are still vastly overlooked. Analytics are the single biggest guiding factor to social media success.

The value of social media analytics is relatively unknown which is crazy because we use numbers to guide every other aspect of our business. Social media analytics allows you to track your progress, tells you what is and isn’t working, your engagement levels, ultimately saving time.

Creating content is tough and the hard truth is that some of the content you are working so diligently to produce is probably getting overlooked or sadly, people just don’t care about it. So how do you know if people actually like what you are putting out there? Engagement. How do you measure engagement? Analytics. There are many tools you can use to measure your interaction; Google Analytics, Hootsuite, and our favorite Hubspot. If you use an agency and aren’t getting analytic reports….cancel your agreement today! You simply cannot be effective enough to generate ROI without analytics.

So what kind of things should you look for on your analytics?

How many visitors are going to my website from social media?

Obviously, the entire reason you have social media is to ultimately get people to your website. If you use social media as your website the goal is to get people to click the famed “Contact Us.” If you aren’t getting traffic, you aren’t doing it right.

How many visits from each platform?

It’s good to know what platforms are performing for your business. If you have a channel that isn’t producing and you’ve varied your content, it may be in your best interest to drop it.

How many clicks am I getting on each post?

Interaction is the key and when a viewer engages in your post (likes, reacts, shares, retweets, replies, mentions) your message is being disseminated. Clicks also serve as a good baseline to measure what your followers think of your content.


This plays off of many of your other analytic stat lines but should be a stand alone report. If your posts aren’t getting any interactions, social media algorithms will quickly begin to hide your posts and hidden posts means you should just pack up and go home. Interactions are the vital to social searches. Search engines take certain social interactions into account when they rank your content.

Net Followers and Fans

This speaks for itself. You need to grow your audience to boost your traffic.

Referral Report

Bottom line is that you need to know where traffic is coming from so that you know where to spend your time and money. Your referral report will help guide your decisions on what platforms you should be using. You should be looking at how many visits, leads and conversions each channel is generating.

Response Rate

Customers are more likely to go onto social media channels to ask questions, express frustrations and provide shout outs than they are to call in. A 2013 Study from NM Insight found that 1 in 3 social media users prefer contacting a company over social media than by phone. However, of all consumers tapping social media for customer service inquiries, only 36% report having their issue solved quickly and effectively. If you are going to be on social media, you have to respond quickly and set response guidelines. If you pay for social media services, make sure you are getting a response report to ensure that your audience receives a timely response. You should have a 100% response rate.


This may seem like the easiest analytic to track but the numbers plastered on your admin side are nothing more than vanity numbers. Just because your post made it to the newsfeed or timeline of your viewer doesn’t mean it was read. Growth without engagement is not growth.


Social media is not “throw a bunch of stuff at the wall and see what sticks.” Use analytics to see what is working and where you should be investing time and money. If you work with a social media agency, it’s important to receive a breakdown of what’s happening on social networks and to ensure your money is getting a return.

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